Review Policy

Please read the entire Review Policy carefully before requesting a book for review.

Some common FAQs are given.

What genres of book are accepted?

I am open to reviewing most kind of book genres that interest me. If I refuse to review then it is not an implication towards the integrity of the book but rather a taste and preference towards my own genres that I like to read as an author. I DO NOT review audiobooks.

How much for a book review?

I may or may not charge for my reviews depending upon circumstances. Remember that I am an author first, book reviewing is a hobby. All reviews posted here are my honest opinions and I DO NOT accept any kind of favors or remunerations for posting positive reviews.

How to send a book review request?

The Website tab on the top of this blog page should come in handy. For sending me a book review request, go to the Connect page of my author website and send me an e-mail stating "Request for Book Review - (Genre)" on the subject line. Links to all platforms (Amazon, Goodreads, Google Books, iBooks, Kobo, etc.) where the book is available should also be included with the e-mail request.

Who can send a book review request?

I review books only on request by any author, publisher or from any blogger to review a particular book that I win on giveaways. I do not post reviews of books from my personal collection. Hence, book reviews posted on this blog do not reflect what I am currently reading.

What is the format of the book to be sent?

I prefer reading paperbacks for reviewing, which are to be sent at my address after I agree to review the book via e-mail. Exceptions can be made for eBooks ( epub / mobi formats, NO pdf ) only if the book is less than 150 pages or if the author is residing outside India. All other books should be sent to my address.

What to expect in the book review?

I post a 250-350 word detailed review of the book, not giving away the main plot and highlighting points to readers on why the book should be read along with the appropriate target audience for reading. I also specify the technical details like author, genre, publisher, and links to author website, blog and social media.

When to expect the book review?

Book reviews have a turnaround time of 15-45 days after I receive a book via post. Please be patient in waiting for your review since I have lots to read and work on as an author. Multiple books sent from the same address will take time. DO NOT send me e-mail queries asking whether your book has been opened for review. You may send such queries only after the completion of 8 weeks from the date I confirm that I have received your book.

What is the Rating System followed?

I follow the widely accepted Star Rating System of five as it is the convention followed for reviews and feedback on most platforms. I give 5★ , 4★ and 3★ ratings only. I DO NOT post 2★ , 1★ or negative reviews. If I do not like a book (which rarely happens because I do my fair set of research on the genre and author before accepting a book for review), I send an e-mail to the author/person who requested stating the reason for the same.

Where will the book review be posted?

All book reviews will be posted on this blog and all other platforms where the book is available. Social media exposure will also be given for selected titles.