BR #123 | That Is How I Became A Sanyasi | Khemlata Negi | White Falcon Publishing | ★★★★

Book - That Is How I Became A Sanyasi
Author - Khemlata Negi
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Khemlata Negi is a novelist, poet, and educationist based in Chandigarh, India. Her first novel Hope: the journey to life was published in the year 2016. She has also written a collection of poetry Seasons of life and a book on yoga asana Stay Healthy.

She loves reading, travelling, photography, yoga, and spending time in nature.

She believes storytelling is one of the most effective methods to inspire and move the masses.

Book Review: "That Is How I Became A Sanyasi" by Khemlata Negi is a philosophical work blending both fiction and non-fiction into the pages. It is a story about dreams, relationships, betrayal, courage, separation, and repentance. The book says that in order to get rid of self-guilt we have to start doing new good karmas. If you want the light to be your own torch then do not hesitate to share your light with others. Be a light of hope in someone's life.

Gautam and Diksha are two ambitious people who continuously neglect their families and are running behind their materialistic desires. Diksha realized her loss only when her parents passed away. Similarly, Gautam, who was always too occupied in his business, failed to look after his children, parents, and wife who ultimately divorced him. In the long run, to achieve success and fame, they both became blind to the beauty of the real world. Only after losing did they realize the importance of their families in their lives. Both of them take a journey towards Rishikesh when something unexplainable draws to their minds and they both decide to follow the path of turning into a 'Sanyasi'. What are these mystical events? Who gives them hope? Why do they become sanyasis? One must read to find out.

This book will appeal to readers who love insightful plots. The pages are full of modern-day references. However, the plot seemed slow at times with unnecessary details of the protagonists being included in sub-plots. But this does not de-motivate readers into understanding the essence of the novel - Peace is the only thing that we should strive to achieve at the end of the day. Materialistic life and demand only take us to the alley of destruction, let it be mental, emotional or physical.

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