BR #121 | Love to Hurt You | Rahul Saini | Juggernaut | ★★★★★

Book - Love to Hurt You
Author - Rahul Saini
Publisher - Juggernaut
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Rahul Saini is the bestselling author of many novels, including Those Small Lil Things: In Life and Love and Paperback Dreams.

Book Review: "Love to Hurt You" by Rahul Saini is an adult thriller based on love, revenge, and loss. While this book is not suitable for younger audiences, it is a fast read as chapters are short and can be completed in a single sitting. The book highlights many themes and asks many moral questions underlying the decisions made by the protagonists. Character sketches have been made immaculately as readers witness a world of dark fantasies of the rich.

Maya, Sasha, and Garun are the three protagonists around whom the plot revolves. Maya has recently lost her long time lover and commits suicide, but is timely saved by her mother. She later goes on to write a bestselling novel about her experiences in depression. Sasha is a femdom mistress who is married to a rich industrialist. Her husband is an adulterer and therefore he remains out of the country most part of the year, during which Sasha invites other younger men into her apartment and pleasures painfully tying them to bed. Then there is Garun, a young spoilt brat whose parents have bought him the most expensive apartment in the city before leaving for business. He meets Maya as his batchmate in college and devises a sinister plan. But to maintain his high standard of living, Garun must earn some quick bucks and therefore decides to sell his body to older women. Naturally, Sasha and Garun meet. What happens next? Is Garun successful in his plans? Does Maya see through life in her depression? One must read to find out!

This book will appeal to erotic fiction lovers who enjoy a little thrill and spice in stories. There is a lot of character development inside the pages and readers are hooked to find out the ultimate game plans of the protagonists. However, the author has carefully crafted the climax providing a balance of divine intervention coupled with man-made help. There is a kind of poetic justice that leaves the readers satisfied and hooked until the end.

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