BR #120 | Ghoomophiro | Himadri Garg | Kalamos Literary Services LLP | ★★★★

Book - Ghoomophiro
Author - Himadri Garg
Publisher - Kalamos Literary Services LLP
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Himadri Garg is a traveler, photographer, and digital marketer. Currently working as Digital Head in a marketing service agency, she is as well as following her passion for trekking, traveling and photography.

She has been traveling and sharing her travel tales via photography exhibitions, blogs and conversations in various travel meetups.

Book Review: "Ghoomophiro" by Himadri Garg is a travel fiction based on family values, and in general about living life to its fullest and sharing it with loved ones. Himadri Garg is the sister of Prachi Garg. They run a travel venture with the same name Ghoomophiro. Hence ample of wonderful memories are surely treasured in order to relate to and make a wonderful story around it.

The story is set in the future where people have become addicted to their gadgets and there is artificial intelligence for everything and everyone. The plot revolves around a promise or a trend set by two sisters, Nitika and Kritika. They have decided to go on traveling every year without fail and have followed this tradition for 25 years. But this year they have decided to do it with the whole family. The family trip has made the story more interesting, as each character brings a new & fresh perspective. One must definitely read the book to know more.

This book will appeal to travel lovers since the author has traveled a lot. She has been to different places, which can be seen while reading Nitika and Kritika's experience of 25 places they visited during their 25 years of trips. It requires a lot of research and first-hand experience of traveling places and interacting with people to write a perfect travel-book. The debut efforts of the author are really commendable.

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