BR #116 | Dangling Gandhi and Other Short Stories | Jayanthi Sankar | Zero Degree Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - Dangling Gandhi and Other Short Stories
Author - Jayanthi Sankar
Publisher - Zero Degree Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Jayanthi Sankar, born and brought up in India, lives in Singapore since 1990. She has been creatively active for the past twenty-five years. She has been published in several magazines and e-zines like Museindia, The Wagon, inOpinion, the Indianruminations. Her short stories have found places in various Anthologies including 'the Other'. Also a watercolour artist, she has edited and translated Unwinding: a Global Anthology of Contemporary Tamil Short Stories in English, with 43 contributions from 10 countries.

Book Review: "Dangling Gandhi and Other Short Stories" by Jayanthi Sankar is a collection of 12 short stories based on life in Singapore, India, and Asia during colonial rule. The author has given a voice to each of the characters in all her stories. The observations made, and the feelings felt are heartwarming to read. She has been successful in preserving the essence of an era through her works, a time period where the affluent ruled, poor suffered, and women had little say.

There is no protagonist in any of the stories as far as goals or beliefs are concerned. Each of the stories has a different tone and theme. This book of short stories is an inspiring read that, although some stories are more engaging than others, they all teach about how people lived their lives in countries in Asia, such as India and Singapore. The short stories are replete with ironies and metaphors with quite a few having a surprise ending. Such twists and turns leave readers surprised in a pleasant way with deep prolific language that immediately hooks readers into the story. Short stories like 'Did Churchill Know?', 'Punkah Wallah, 'Dangling Gandhi', and 'My mother is a feminist' are classy examples of the message that life won’t always go the way one expects it to.

This book will appeal to short story lovers as it gives readers a look at how different people live their unique lives. Readers need to read the book slowly and with an open mind. The title is catchy, immediately attracts attention and the short stories enliven readers with the cultural aspects of colonial times through a multitude of characters that will educate and inspire for generations to come. A dozen little tales to mesmerize travelers across a colorful dimension of life, this book will grant one the freedom of thought which had its seeds buried in the past!

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