BR #115 | Kailash Dwara | Vishesh | Notion Press | ★★★★

Book - Kailash Dwara
Author - Vishesh
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Vishesh is a thirty-year-old alumnus of MIT Manipal, currently working as a software engineer in Bengaluru. In his maiden attempt, he has written a thrilling novel, which is of the mythological genre. He spends most of his free time researching about mythological mysteries. He practices yoga to keep himself healthy, and his favorite pastime is to read books and watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Book Review: "Kailash Dwara" by Vishesh is a work of science fiction based on mythological references set in contemporary times. It is a gripping account of enigma surrounding the Kailash, the doors of which were closed for Danavas around five thousand years ago by Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Taking two timelines running parallel to each other, the author tries to bridge the gap of eons and bring a mysteriously thrilling story. The plot has friendship, family values, and betrayal at its core along with facts, fantasy, and philosophy to intrigue the readers.

Krishna, Balram, and Adhishesh give glimpses of a deep secret, that has been buried in the past, from their conversation at the starting of the book. Coming to modern times, significant research has been carried out by Dr. Vishwanath on Mt. Kailash who is curious about revealing its mysteries. The protagonists, Vivaant and Sukheshni set out on a journey to Mt. Kailash from Bangalore but there are differences between them which can be seen while reading the book. What is the importance of this journey and why was it undertaken? Meanwhile, Mr. Tarak, the CEO of Dhithi Research Lab, has his own evil plans and hence sends men behind the two youngsters. Who will help them in their mission? What is Mr. Tarak in search of? Is there any personal revelation for the protagonists? One must read to find out.

This book will appeal to mythology and science fiction lovers. The plot has all the elements of an entertaining read - two college rivals, a trip that went wrong, a hidden treasure, a family reunion, and a whole lot of revelations. The author has incorporated various stories from Indian mythology into the main plot, sumptuously building up the climax. In a parallel universe, we are also revealed about various Mahavishnu avatars and what happened to each person who opposed and tried to destroy our universe. Overall, it is a well-researched book with an intriguing plot for the perfect weekend read.

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