BR #112 | A Year Without Summer | Shreyan Laha | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★★

Book - A Year Without Summer
Author - Shreyan Laha
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Shreyan Laha is a science fiction author who started experimenting with various novels before finding his niche through his novel, "Not Worth Living For", Along with this, he has half a dozen published short stories while he also loves writing acrostic poems. He has been the winner of Rajiv Gandhi Youth Literary Award, 2014 and apart from writing, Shreyan loves watching football and learning foreign languages.

Book Review: "A Year Without Summer" by Shreyan Laha is a work of science fiction based on parallel universes and realities. It is a catchy tale of two protagonists from different eras in the past who react to certain time place distortions of the future. The author has begun with a seemingly simple setting that later goes on to become complex giving his readers adequate time to grasp the sudden changes in events. It is an interesting plot with quite a few sub-plots of different characters.

Sharat has a hard time remembering his family members; Niharika wakes up on a fine morning only to find the environment drastically altered; Baban faces similar otherworldly phenomenons while in jail. Niharika, Sharat, and Baban all get stuck in a parallel universe. Sharat belongs to the year 1816 while Niharika to the year 2018. Their life gets entangled as they find each other on an unknown planet known as ‘New Barren Lands’. The character of Agnimukh is also interesting. Divided into five interesting parts this book includes some catchy facts. The story is undoubtedly phenomenal. The scientific concepts and workings are explained with particularity. This is a medium-paced book with a unique story coupled with easy language. What happens to the protagonists in this new universe? Do they return back to their original timeline? One must read this book to find out all the adventures waiting for our characters.

This book will appeal to science fiction lovers. The thought of putting an alternative universe into the story is exclusive. The plot of the book has switched throughout the book, never really putting the reader in a confused situation of what’s happening. However, the narrative style is not so powerful, rather insipid. Grammatical errors could be improved through editing. Despite these minor shortcomings, the story is overall good and an interesting experiment in literature.

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