BR #108 | A Life To Die For | Nilay Shah | Zorba Books | ★★★

Book - A Life To Die For
Author - Nilay Shah
Publisher - Zorba Books
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Nilay Shah, born in 1994, he is an author of 'Asammat', a Gujarati novel published in July, 2016. For Nilay, the exact point when the passion to write took over is difficult to tell. Ever since early childhood he has loved creating tales out of anything that came his way. Having written his first story at the age of 6, Nilay went on to write short stories, direct short films and plays before penning down his debut novel Asammat in 2014, at the tender age of 19 while simultaneously pursuing Chartered Accountancy and graduation. Once he was done with his studies in 2015, he made attempts to publish his book, and then penned down the English version of the same tale- A Life to Die For. At present, he is laying down the structure for his second novel, to be originally written in English and Gujarati. Nilay is determined to create things that can stand apart from the rest, that can create a place of their own in the hearts [as well as minds] of recipients.

Book Review: "A Life To Die For" by Nilay Shah is a contemporary fiction based on a futuristic world of 2034 in the conflict-prone zone of Kashwarg, the Paradise on Earth. The book has themes of love, friendship, politics, and war. Newly partitioned countries, Siran and Zayakistan, claim the ownership of Kashwarg; while the author introduces a mysterious girl having suffered for more than a decade. Her rescue by extremists fighting for the independence of Kashwarg, currently under Siran, sparks a series of chain events.

The identity of the 'prince' who rescued the mysterious girl or who the 'monster' that imprisoned her during her whole life has been dealt with thrill. Having been kept away from civilization, away from the entire world itself, the sudden exposure is suffocating for her and has the entire Kashwarg rise up in her support. A special investigation committee comprising of members with the highest FHMI score is formed. Chief minister Adil Kifayat will leave no stones unturned to bring justice to Preksha, and neither will Aryaman Zafar, a member of IKF. Who is the 'monster' that is responsible for destroying Preksha's life? How will Kashwarg seek justice for Preksha? Will Kashwarg find the strength to rise up from its ashes? One must read to find out!

The story and the plot are relatable to a modern world crisis and the direction we are currently heading towards. Hence it will appeal to thriller book lovers. However, the plot became increasingly complicated, with various stories running parallelly. The writing got repetitive and highly mundane after a while. Except for very few instances, the author failed to create a futuristic period set in 2034. The author has tried to merge futuristic elements to the present scenarios in the real-life states, but the book would have been so much better if the author had stuck to the present year for his story to unfold.

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