BR #106 | Mutual Funds | R. K. Mohapatra | Blue Rose Publishers | ★★★★

Book - Mutual Funds
Author - R. K. Mohapatra
Publisher - Blue Rose Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) CMA Rabindra Kumar Mohapatra (R K Mohapatra) is a very successful & renowned Indian Author in the field of non-fiction self-help book across the world, known for his work on financial planning and retirement planning for individuals.

R K Mohapatra (born 1963), MBA/Finance, FCMA, with rich 27-years experience in the field of finance in India and abroad, is now working as General Manager of Finance at the IRCON INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Book Review: "Mutual Funds" by R. K. Mohapatra is a personal development self-help book on the deeper understanding of mutual funds; benefits of investing in mutual funds: equity, debt and liquid funds; the cost of investment and its risk & returns. It is a concise book containing six chapters and three annexures along with an informative introduction and a detailed review by Readers Favorite at the end.

The book discusses mutual funds and investment in shares. Debt management in mutual funds after assessment of risk and evaluation of portfolio considering future prospects have also been highlighted in the pages. Analysis of HDFC mid-cap opportunities has been discussed before briefing prospective readers on the annexures of a cost-inflation index, rate of long term capital gain tax and list of asset management companies in India. The author has used a variety of statistical data to argue his points which are further highlighted in tables, graphs and flow charts that make it visually appealing for the readers to understand better. Necessary steps have been mentioned using point-wise bullets adding to better clarity. Real-life examples and names have also been used to bring confidence in teaching mutual funds.

This book will appeal to young investors and entrepreneurs alike to select appropriate mutual funds with risk and return suitable for their goals. The author’s wide experience of personal and retirement planning helps readers understand the subject easily and enables them to manage their hard-earned money in a disciplined manner by investing in various categories of mutual funds: large-cap funds, multi-cap funds, mid & small-cap funds, interval funds, hybrid value funds and debt funds through SIP route in order to maximize their wealth.

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