BR #104 | The Happy Fruit Adventures | Hari Ram Narayanan | Readomania | ★★★★★

Book - The Happy Fruit Adventures
Author - Hari Ram Narayanan
Publisher - Readomania
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) P. K. Hari Ram Narayanan was born in Bangalore, India. His father got transferred often, so he grew up in a variety of places ranging from the tranquil Kavaratti Island in Lakshadweep to the buzzing capital city of New Delhi. Hailing from a family of eminent writers, he was exposed to the classics of literature from a young age. His first published article, ‘Mouse click for a toothpick’ appeared in The New Indian Express when he was at school. He went on to write in other renowned publications such as The Hindu, India Today and The Economic Times. In 2017, he won the NaNoWriMo challenge and he was also one of the finalists of the ‘Write India Contest’ held by The Times of India. The Happy Fruit Adventures is his first book. For his day job, Hari works as a marketer for Zoho, where he writes about leading teams and managing work in the modern office. He has travelled extensively across the United States, Europe, Australia and of course, India talking about how Zoho’s offerings can help businesses work better. He lives in Chennai with his wife Krithika. When at home, both have their noses buried deep in some form of writing or are busy planning their next getaway.

Book Review: "The Happy Fruit Adventures" by Hari Ram Narayanan is a fantasy fiction based on the adventures of Abi and Devio as they go on a journey in the 'Jungle of Life' in search of the 'Fruit of Happiness'. While Abi chooses Giant Sacrifice and Giant Struggle along with Master Experience's help, Devio opts for the company of Lady Pleasure and Lady Distraction in their journey through the 'Straight Path' and 'Occupation Ravine' in order to reach 'Mount Goal'.

Abi soon finds himself on a mission to deliver the powerful 'Kernels of Power' to the Treasurer of the Jungle safely on the other end while protecting them from the evil Doctor Diablo. Assisting Abi are the two Giants and Commander Courage plus Insight the Owl who join later in the story. Devio too has an important role to play as a decoy to confuse the enemy but his ways are much more carefree for any rewards. Even beyond this secondary mission lies the primary objective of reaching 'Mount Goal' where the 'Happy Fruits' are being guarded by Monster Pessimism. Will the characters succeed in their respective missions? Or will evil get the better of them? One must read to find out!

This book will appeal to adventure fiction lovers who like to read fantasy storytelling like 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and the works of Tolkien. The readers encounter a well-crafted map at the beginning of the book which is very helpful as the story progresses. The author has chosen intriguing names and titles which add to the variety of narration. Moreover, there is an adequate balance of good and bad characters where every action is justified with suitable examples. The pages are filled with many adventures, fights, magic, and lessons which make it a beautiful book to read.

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