BR #98 | If We Last: After Crossing a Light-Year | Ishita Banik | Educreation Publishing | ★★★

Book - If We Last: After Crossing a Light-Year
Author - Ishita Banik
Publisher - Educreation Publishing
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Ishita Banik is an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. After completing Masters in Computer Application from University of Calcutta, she left her M. tech soon after getting admitted to choose the path of her dream.

Book Review: "If We Last: After Crossing a Light-Year" by Ishita Banik is a romantic thriller based on urban relationships that emerge during graduation or work life. It is a story portraying how young couples overcome heartbreak and then once again embark on a quest to search for love. However, having lost a part of innocence in any first relationship, the second one can hardly be without precaution, guilt or motif. This story takes us on a rollercoaster ride of similar adventures.

The plot revolves around three main characters -  Avipsa, Reyansh, and Mahika, all recovering from breakups from their previous relationships. While Avipsa seems to be moving along quite well in her city of Kolkata, Reyansh and Mahika seem lost, longing for love in their city of Mumbai. A chance encounter brings Reyansh and Avipsa close and they become friends. Thereafter their friendship continues in Mysore and Bangalore as Avipsa starts to rethink her status with Reyansh. It is around this time that Avipsa starts getting infrequent cut marks on her body during sleep and receiving gifts and presents from an unknown stranger. Who is the stalker? Is it Reyansh? But he lives in another city. Then is it someone from the past? These are the questions that haunt Avipsa as she tries to uncover the mystery by setting up a camera in her room.

This book will appeal to people who read romance fiction and crime mystery thriller. However, the character development in the first half of the book is pretty slow and it takes great effort reading the mundane lives of the characters while they are recovering from their breakups. Also, in an attempt to release the second part of this book, the author has made the climax of the plot vastly unresolved. There exists a gap in literature throughout the book as the plot asks more and more questions than it answers. Given these limitations and drawbacks, the story is overall worth reading if one can adjust to its pace.

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