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BR #94 | Till We Meet Again | Shibaji Bose | Srishti Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Till We Meet Again Author - Shibaji Bose Publisher - Srishti Publishers Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Shibaji is a practitioner in learning and development, also working closely in the wealth management space. He graduated from Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, followed by a post-graduate diploma from IISWBM, Kolkata. With two decades worth of experience in sales and distribution, he called it quits to be on his own. He is a life enthusiast, an uncompromising foodie and is known for his sense of humour.

Book Review: "Till We Meet Again" by Shibaji Bose is a contemporary fiction based on an incredible story of an ordinary man who rediscovers himself amidst lessons learned from life. The plot is inspired by the day-to-day observations from mundane middle-class living which undoubtedly rests below an affluent class of wealthy influencers and politicians. The narration of the dreams, struggles, and containment of ideas of common masses are well reflected in this story. Ther…