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Book - Oscar for Loving, Grammy for Not!
Author - Priyadeep Kaur
Publisher - Booksoul Reads
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) A hot-selling published author at 19, Priyadeep is a name in Indian contemporary writing whose work has been recognised by the Indian Prime Minister. Her writing provides a rich lens into the contemporary semi urban landscape of Indian youth. Priyadeep is fast emerging as one of the richest young voices in Indian contemporary writing.

She says that she started reading bestselling books, classic fictions by international bestselling authors as well as some best romance fiction novels, young adult fiction novels by Indian authors like Durjoy Datta, Ravinder Singh in her teenage. She really likes fiction mythology and fantasy novels too.

Book Review: "Oscar for Loving, Grammy for Not!" by Priyadeep Kaur is a romance fiction based on the life and times of four young people - Udi, Garv, Siddharth, and Rupali, who love or like each other depending upon times and circumstances. A special feature of this book is that each chapter begins with a law of human nature, or emotion, that the author tries to build around in the plot. The portrayal of independence in making choices and reaping the results of one's own choice is the highlight of this fiction.

Udi Bose has been introduced as a strong independent lady from the beginning. It is her character which will probably appeal to most people. Her encounter with Garv is a treat in the first chapter and it becomes clear subsequently that a love story is brewing between them. On the other hand, are Udi's friends Siddharth and Rupali who are in a relationship. Rupali's greed leads to her downfall and she breaks up with Siddharth to be with someone else. Meanwhile, Garv seems to be struggling to try to make peace with his ex too. This affects Udi in more ways than can be imagined. Ultimately what happens and whether the relationships are successful as promised is what readers try to uncover in the pages. Will Rupali be happy in her new relationship? Will Udi accept Garv after everything they have been through? Read to find out.

This book will appeal to romance lovers since it is a short read that can be finished in a single sitting. The author has successfully highlighted the emotions present in the young generation. The plot is well chosen and is a very relevant one considering modern times. This is a story of self-made choices where the characters learn to live, to love, to maintain friendship and ultimately learn to be happy again. A part of us feels bad while the other part feels relaxed at the end where dreams and aspirations are shattered paving the way to new ones.

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