BR #83 | Gunpoint Groom | Kamini Kusum | Redgrab Books | ★★★★★

Book - Gunpoint Groom
Author - Kamini Kusum
Publisher - Redgrab Books
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Kamini Kusum is a post graduate in management and has worked several years in corporate. Besides writing, she loves nature, travelling, food, movies and yoga. She carves stories that have the colours of Indian culture and society. Romance is her genre. The main protagonists in her novels are usually strong characters. She lives in Delhi with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of books “Honey & the Moon” and “A New dawn”.

Book Review: "Gunpoint Groom" by Kamini Kusum is a romance fiction based on the events of groom kidnapping that is prevalent in some northern states of India. It highlights the emotions of a newlywed couple under such circumstances. Due to the greed and ego of family members, a marriage takes place between an unwilling bride and a kidnapped groom. However, it is ultimately the couple who are left to suffer the consequences after being thrown into a forced relationship.

Karan, an IIT alumnus and government job holder, finds himself under gunpoint after landing at the airport of his hometown. Despite being in a serious relationship with Jia, his college sweetheart, for many years, the kidnappers force him into a marriage with their daughter Kavya in order to settle a score with Karan's family, especially his greedy mother. Karan, Kavya, and Jia are all left devasted after the marriage. Every morning Kavya wakes up to an indifferent husband while Karan meets Jia frequently to discuss how they can be together again through divorce and re-marriage. Will Karan and Jia be together again? Will Kavya be able to withstand a divorce? Will the marriage ever work out given the complications in human relationships and emotions? One must read this thrilling adventure to find out.

This book will appeal to a lot of audiences especially romance and fiction lovers. The author has done a commendable job shifting the location of characters across many cities. The way the characters develop hint at the underlying social message of women empowerment and conquest of love over guns. Readers will be thrilled to read a different kind of romance - one that speaks of silent love, wild love, sisterly love, and many emotions of various characters that are linked towards a great message - time, the biggest healer, will eventually make things work in the end.

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