BR #82 | MiRRRo @ The Weird Wayward | Manoj Kumar Sharma | Notion Press | ★★★★

Book - MiRRRo @ The Weird Wayward
Author - Manoj Kumar Sharma
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Manoj Kumar Sharma is a self-styled author, whom those stories attract much, which fearlessly break the laws to give birth to better laws.

Having spent long 31 Years while working with MNCs and Corporates as Civil Engineer, enabled his journey riding through Snakes & Ladders and experiencing various shades of Life. He belongs to Thane, Maharashtra.

The Author has a natural taste for Fiction Stories, searching for out-of-the-box solutions for perennial social problems.

MIЯЯЯO @ THE WEIЯD WAYWAЯD is the debut novel of the Author, exploring absolute cleansing of few problems out of a very long list…the other problems will also be taken up one-by-one…

However, the Sequel is in making…with pen name as MIRRRO.

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Book Review: "MiRRRo @ The Weird Wayward" by Manoj Kumar Sharma is a suspense thriller based in the futuristic India of 2030. The book delves into a hypothetical economic setting where India has become the foremost superpower in the world surpassing the USA, but is still plagued by social evils such as tobacco, crime, rapes, terrorism and many more. The author has highlighted these pressing issues in order to throw light upon the fact that no matter how developed a country is, it must always eradicate crime since it acts as a major hindrance to development in the long run.

The book is divided into four chapters and further subdivided into parts. The name of the book itself as well as the chapters are quite intriguing. One must definitely turn the pages to decipher the meaning of these names. The plot opens with a series of events and as usual, there are suspects. The author has addressed key issues through the plot and has also tried to provide solutions. What or Who is MiRRRo? Is it a reality or an illusion? How is it up to the citizens to solve their problems if they want? These questions are answered in the book with thrill, suspense and a tinge of futuristic science fiction. The economic welfare is addressed more towards the general public rather than the corporates inside this book.

This book will, therefore, appeal to a lot of science fiction lovers and thrill-seekers. Sometimes paranormal incidences have also added flavor to the plot. There is substantial research work behind the crime statistics portrayed in the book and the author has presented an empathetic view of the same bringing to the forefront feelings of the victims. This new angle of writing fiction is commendable but some chapters could have been brief. Overall it is a good book, very informative, having its own distinction in addressing social issues and providing solutions for the same.

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