BR #81 | Once Upon Us | Abhiishek Mohta | Multiverse Publishers | ★★★★

Book - Once Upon Us
Author - Abhiishek Mohta
Publisher - Multiverse Publishers
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Abhishek Mohta, is a novelist, a screenwriter as well as a synopsis writer who lives and works in Mumbai.

He is a Fellow Member of Screenwriters Association (Indian Member No. 35993).

His primary focus of interest is in writing script for TV, films; and novels of different genres such as romance, humor, mystery and suspense.

Abhiishek Mohta has been recently credited as "Creative" on a mytho tv show for Colors tv, named "Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran."

You can connect with him on

Book Review: "Once Upon Us" by Abhiishek Mohta is a romance fiction which narrates the highs and lows of human relationship and success. The story is a necessary creation considering modern times. It leaves an impactful message in the end, which loosely translated, propagates the honors of true love and righteousness. The author awakens a sense of awareness about long-term goals rather than short-term privileges.

The story narrates the college life and love stories behind three girls studying at London, Saatvika, Kate, and Yamini along with their respective love interests Arjun, Charles, and Shaurya (India). Their stories unfold over a game of 'Truth and Truth' at the rooftop of their dorm. The pages are filled with college life romance, dates, hangouts, and parties. Arjun always aspired to become a successful singer, however, being from a modest background he could not muster adequate funds for the release of an album. Saatvika loved him so much that she even sacrificed her semester fees and dropped out of college to support his dreams. They return to India for marriage while the rest of the friends get busy with life and work and get dispersed around the world.

It is at this juncture that Jose and Abhilasha play an important part in the plot. The former having a crush on Saatvika and the latter on Arjun. Jose, the college buddy, was Arjun's manager when he became a superstar. Rumors of Arjun hanging out with Abhilasha were on the rounds in the media despite being married to Saatvika and having an eight-year-old son. Does Arjun betray his love? How does Saatvika react to all this? What happens to their other friends? Read this romance fiction to find out. It will appeal to romance and love story readers. A good one time read for the weekend.

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