BR #78 | Chase Your Life Dreams | Alka Dixit | Srishti Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Chase Your Life Dreams
Author - Alka Dixit
Publisher - Srishti Publishers
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Dr. Alka Dixit is a practicing doctor and faculty in a medical college in Delhi NCR. She has been guiding people to live a better life by drawing inspiration from her as well as others' life experiences. A mishap during childhood, deviation from 'normal', medical school, love, two kids and now authoring books, conclude her life in a nutshell. Her first book Life is What Matters was a treasure, with some mantras for living a better life.

Book Review: "Chase Your Life Dreams" by Alka Dixit is a self-help motivational book divided into three parts. Part A discusses how to train your mind, Part B encourages us to face the storm and Part C urges us to chase our life. Each of these sections is further subdivided into chapters containing wisdom, speech, and quotes that help motivate the mind and soul. A rational thinking approach has been adopted by the author to educate his readers on self-belief.

A salient feature of this book is the use of very short stories or incidences in between chapters that highlight the essence of positivity. The author advises us to stay away from negative vibes, and it is only through practice and perseverance that man finds himself capable of facing any challenge in life. Exercises at the end of every chapter act as a summary of points-to-remember. Even within chapters readers will find bullets that brief us on various interesting topics. Many methods to follow have been suggested in this book which increases the overall productivity of individuals. In short, there is a lot more to learn from chapters than just the moral. The short stories have a moral to share and the lessons learned from them can be used for a more balanced living in harmony.

This book will appeal to a wider audience since the topics and themes covered are relevant to both the young and elderly alike. There is a fair coverage of medium inside the pages, citing examples from modern reality shows all the way to knowledge preserved in ancient scriptures. The author tells mankind to have control over their feelings, execute an action in phases and pledge positivity in life all around. A very helpful book that provides concise philosophical tips through visual treats like flow-charts, exercises, and point-wise bullets.

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