BR #76 | Canvas of Life | Rabjot Singh Isher | Authors Pride Publisher | ★★★★★

Book - Canvas of Life
Author - Rabjot Singh Isher
Publisher - Authors Pride Publisher
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Rabjot is a native of Jammu city. His writings capture the essence of Human Psychology, Spirituality & Science. He is a published author of two books & his written content is available on a Facebook page by the name of "Rabb Jyot Writes".

Book Review: "Canvas of Life" by Rabjot Singh Isher is a collection of eight short stories on human spirit and psychology. The author has a different take on the working of human mind and body. He believes that man is capable of great feats through his indomitable will. These beliefs take manifestation in the stories inside this book. Not everything we cannot perceive is a miracle and not everything we can comprehend is strange. Such thrilling statements become clear as we turn the pages and delve deeper inside the book.

The eight short stories are woven around scientific, medical and psychological fiction. We find episodes of families getting reunited, quantum physics, advanced medical technology, transfer of one's consciousness and many more phenomenons which may sound weird to readers at first but every claim finds a believable justification as we read further. The research and creative thinking of the author deserve appreciation as these are not just another 'twist in the tale' stories but twist within the tale stories. Why did Nandita fly all the way from London to India just after watching a book? How did Ameet suddenly recover despite being diagnosed with Down's Syndrome at birth? Why does Lauren feel connected to another woman after losing her own mom? These are some of the intriguing questions which have been answered in the book.

This book will appeal to short story lovers and readers who enjoy thrilling tales of twist. A lot of time and effort has been put in by the author to match fiction with science. A one-line inspiring sentence provides a warm welcome to every chapter. There are many flashbacks to the past which have been separated from the main plot by italic scripts. Overall this collection of stories form an integral part in encouraging human consciousness as characters inside the book seem to triumph over disaster in a peculiar but convincing way. There is happiness in the end but not without a great cost.

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