BR #75 | Wind in my Wings | Khushbu Kirti | Writersgram Publications | ★★★★

Book - Wind in my Wings
Author - Khushbu Kirti
Publisher - Writersgram Publications
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Khushbu Kirti hails from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. An alumni of La Martiniere Girls' College, Seth MR Jaipuria and University of Delhi, she is currently pursuing her Masters in English from Lucknow University. Khushbu has previously written a poetry book called “My First Flight”. The poetess belongs to a family of litterateurs. Her grandfather wrote poetry in Hindi and his book "Aap Ke Liye" was a popular hit in his times. The humorous memoirs written by her uncle in his book "Kisse Kachari Ke" are well-known and appreciated in the judicial circles of Lucknow. His latest release is “Kissey Kalam Ke”. She is a brilliant orator and host- a quality she imbibed from her father Dr. Vijay Kirti who was a part of the panel of news readers in Akashvani, Lucknow for 23 years, besides being a government officer. Khushbu is a regular blogger, a freelance writer and a passionate dancer.

Book Review: "Wind in my Wings" by Khushbu Kirti is a collection of forty-four poems on various themes such as nature, love or social issues. It is a sequel to the poetry book "My First Flight" by the same poet. The poems are mainly motivational, figurative, tragic, narrative, personal or descriptive in nature. The lines follow the aa-bb, ab-ab, and freestyle rhyming patterns in stanzas. It is a short book and can be finished in a single sitting.

The poetry book opens with a convincing Foreword and it is no surprise that the poet comes from a  family where generations have been involved with literature. It is quite evident from the many references, tributes, and dedications in the pages. The beauty of this poetry collection is the various topics covered by the poet, both real and abstract. A new feature of this poetry collection is a Synopsis of almost every poem at the beginning of the book, where the poet describes all of her poems in detail. While this may serve as an important guide for beginners, poetry is an art that should be left to open interpretation. It is recommended that such a synopsis not be included, or even if included it may be at the end of the book so that readers can derive their own unique understanding of each poem in the book.

This collection of poetry will appeal to poetry lovers and people who want to find inspiration and meaning in everyday life. The poet being versatile in nature has written some heartfelt poetry full of feelings such as 'Farewell', 'Candle Light Dinner' and 'Thunder' along with poems such as 'The Fall', 'White' and 'Wind In Her Wings' which are more on the reality side. Such books are lovely to read probably because they serve as a diary where the poet pens down her observations and experiences in the journey called life.

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