BR #71 | Three Young Women | Sweety Mukherjee | Blue Rose Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Three Young Women
Author - Sweety Mukherjee
Publisher - Blue Rose Publishers
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Sweety Mukherjee, a poet and a social worker by heart, is an English Honours graduate with an M.B.A. in Rural Management from XISS. She has worked with an MNC in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility for over five years, working closely with the tribal women of Odisha. Currently, she is partly engaged with an NGO as a consultant. She is a dedicated mother to her five-year-old son, Briyaan. Rediscovering her passion for writing, once lost in the humdrum of life, she says that somewhere between observing and putting her observations into words, she grew up. Sweety lives in Hospet, Karnataka, with her husband, Bandan and her son. Visit her website to know more about her.

Book Review: "Three Young Women" by Sweety Mukherjee is a short read on friendship and marriage. The author has tried to portray a journey of womanhood from late teen years into adulthood when the marriage takes place. There is a stark contrast between the first half and second half of the book since the first half deals with the fun, nuances, easy-going college life while the second half deals with life after marriage in a broader sense. The readers are brought aware of the choices, challenges, and decisions people make in love, that shape the ultimate destiny of their future.

Smriti, the protagonist and narrator of the story, starts her college life at Ranchi. There she makes lots of pleasant memories with two of her best friends Sampoorna and Geetika. Hostel life allows her to become more independent in decision making. After college, all three girls get busy and then ultimately get married. It is after their marriage that Smriti finds herself incapable of dealing with her mother-in-law, Sampoorna with an alcoholic husband and Geetika with an indifferent one. Years pass and it is at Smriti's house that the trio decides to meet after 8 years of their college life. They share their life experiences and come to conclusions. What do they feel about marriage? Will they try to solve problems and sort out their lives? Or will they decide to end their marriages? One must read to find out. The story as well maybe realistic in today's world. 

This book will appeal to a lot of readers looking for a light weekend read. The author has done a commendable job painting characters with whom one can easily relate too. However, it is the optimistic tone of the pages against all odds that make this short book a wonderful read. There are many messages from the author. Friendship, love, and family is the primary focus. Chapters are also decorated with poems in between scenes that break the monotonicity of conversations. A well thought of plot that is sure to inspire readers to give life a second chance and be resilient against one's problems.

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