BR #70 | SHE- Screw Silence! | Reecha Agarwal Goyal | Fingerprint! Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - SHE- Screw Silence!
Author - Reecha Agarwal Goyal
Publisher - Fingerprint! Publishing
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) ‘Fragile but Unbreakable’ is how Reecha describes herself. She believes in miracles, takes life head on, and is passionate about weaving magic with her words. And now that she has found her calling, she desires to spend her entire life reading, travelling, and dwelling in her own little fictional and poetic worlds. An MBA from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, she is based out of New Delhi where she lives with her husband and two kids. She – Screw Silence is her third book.

Book Review: "SHE- Screw Silence!" by Reecha Agarwal Goyal is a collection of short and very short poems that inspire and celebrate womanhood. In most pages, the poetry is almost a stanza long or sometimes even a couplet or few lines. The poet has mainly concentrated on meaning rather than rhyming. Thus, this book of short poems forms a powerful addition to a shelf. Readers will be able to finish this book fast and come away feeling proud of womanhood.

The poet has covered deep, meaningful topics in few pages. There is a piece dedicated to the small girl, the restless teenager, the patient mother, and even the caring grandmother. A striking feature of this collection is the emphasis on gender equality where even men play an important role in the form of support from a lover, a father, a brother or a friend. The poet highlights the issues faced by women in all stages of their lives and asks for answers to society. She is proud to be a girl and addresses the crowd full of sarcastic, ironical and hypocrite minds to rethink their understanding of a girl child. There are some heart-wrenching lines inside this collection that will make readers smile, laugh, cry, sad, happy and thoughtful. The book is almost like a social experiment that is relevant across time and space.

This collection of poetry in a few lines will appeal to a lot of readers. The poet has addressed key social issues like gender inequality, rape, education, health and even preference for a male child. White pages are decorated with a few pink colored ones in between. It enhances the visual treat of this small-sized book full of poignant poetry full of emotions and depth. Readers are teleported to a world where questioning and reason overpower blind beliefs of a society that chains a woman to narrow thinking. A voice to break free, to the right of free-thinking and choice of women, is what the lines inside this book repeatedly utters.

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