BR #67 | Revenge of the Chandalas (Book 1) | Sandeep Nayyar | Redgrab Books | ★★★★

Book - Revenge of the Chandalas
Author - Sandeep Nayyar
Publisher - Redgrab Books
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Sandeep Nayyar is a Mechanical Engineer by discipline, an IT expert by profession and a creative writer by choice. Born in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state in Central India on August 20, 1969, he is a British citizen.

Sandeep has had a great flair for writing since an early age. After doing his B.E. with honors, Sandeep was a working journalist for a couple of years. Wrote a weekly column for Saptahik Hindustan, a literary weekly published by The Hindustan Times group.

Came back to his professional fold of Mechanical Engineering in 1991 and worked with Reliance Industries. Migrated to the United Kingdom on a job assignment and finally settled there in 2000. Keeps regularly writing for literary portals and magazines.

Sandeep also manages a website which provides a platform for ecosystem of people engaged in the writing occupations.

Sandeep’s literary works have received immense praises and critical acclaims from readers and critics alike.

Book Review: "Revenge of the Chandalas" (The Chronicles of Kosala Book 1) by Sandeep Nayyar is a historical fiction based during the Kosala empire in India post the Aryan civilization era. The set comprises of the Raghuvanshis of North Kosala and Yaduvanshis of South Kosala. We witness a strict hierarchy of caste prevailing throughout the book which forms the basis of the story. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras, Nishads and Chandals find a periodic mention highlighting the significance of the social order. While originally the system was created based on one's profession, it slowly got corrupted based on one's birth.

Neel, the ruler of Mekal state, is one of the few independent rulers who find themselves constantly in the middle of tussles between North and South Kosala. He together with his trusted friend and advisor, therefore, decides to spy on the state of South Kosala for future dangers having already faced an attack from them. On the other hand, Shatvari, a Brahmin daughter is on a quest to discover the powers of a secret weapon after being thrown out due to social injustice, and who is now forced to live among the Chandals in graveyards. She has vowed to avenge her past by overthrowing the so-called aristocracy. However, greedy eyes are always prying over the characters to take advantage of any situation. Will Neel succeed in maintaining the independence of his kingdom? Will Shatvari succeed in bringing justice to her son? Where is the secret weapon hidden and who has it? One must read to find out.

This book will appeal to a lot of readers interested in historical fiction and adventures. The author has done adequate research in order to detail the life and times of ancient Aryan civilization. The emphasis on human emotions and the sense of duty among the characters is commendable. There is a foreshadowing of dharma along with karma in every plot and sub-plot inside these pages. However, the story could have been more interesting if certain events, such as change of heart of a few characters, did not happen so suddenly. But overall this is an interesting story with a promise of a sequel.

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