BR #66 | The Anonymous | Nidhi Kukreja | Blue Rose Publishers | ★★★★

Book - The Anonymous
Author - Nidhi Kukreja
Publisher - Blue Rose Publishers
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Nidhi Kukreja, hails from Hisar, Haryana. Since school time, she was into sports and participated in tournaments and other writing and speaking events. For her participation always motivated her to express her words. She started writing what her heart has to say in her diary name ‘Amoha’ She is also into arts and creative work. She is a chocoholic and snow lover and she loves traveling and exploring places.

During her journey till here she has worked with Pantaloons and as an Assistant Professor. It helped in shaping her personality and given a new vision to her work and career. She has done Fashion Designing in graduation and being a fashion designer and MBA gold medalist, she diversifies her interest in many sectors which keep her updated and she comes up with always new things.

She is a marketing professional in a nationalized bank and a speaker at educational institutes. She writes for her organization.

Book Review: "The Anonymous" by Nidhi Kukreja is a crime thriller which is gripping, yet calming; suspenseful, yet romantic. It is one of those stories which remind us of how bad incidents have a prolonged effect on our lives, yet we can always find strength and support to deal with them. The past is beyond our control but what really matters is how well we live with our present and mold our future. The story supports women's empowerment in general. It is not only women who are working to help each other but even good men are radically changing society towards betterment.

Natasha gets kidnapped and raped for eight long months. She suffers from trauma and arrests before falling in love with Siddharth. She is now on a mission to get her culprits hanged and also to find out the mastermind behind her misfortunes. But in order to deal with her existing troubles, she must first face her painful past of losing her parents, along with one of her best friends to an accident. While police investigate the matter, Natasha continues to get unfamiliar letters from 'The Anonymous' making her uncomfortable all along. Who is behind all her suffering? Is it someone close? Does she discover other secrets of people? Are the unknown letters connected to her past trauma? The author has skillfully answered all these questions through a plot filled with suspense. Yet when things get pretty dark, the author has added a tinge of romance between the characters to lighten the mood.

This book will appeal to a lot of readers who like reading crime thrillers, suspense stories or to some extent detective/mystery thrillers. The one area that needs improvement is the apparent guess of the villain due to a lack of sufficient characters. However, it does not deter the readers from reading further since overall balance has been maintained in trying to answer other relevant questions in the plot. The climax and ending have been dealt with satisfactorily. This book deserves appreciation for portraying the downfall and rise of a woman in a new avatar that surely leaves a lasting impression.

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