BR #65 | Mehfil-e-Chaos | Syed Asim Hussaini | Artson Publishing House | ★★★★★

Book - Mehfil-e-Chaos
Author - Syed Asim Hussaini
Publisher - Artson Publishing House
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Syed Asim Hussaini, is an engineer with an MBA and hails from the city of Hyderabad, India and is presently working as an IT consultant in Toronto, Canada. Being the maternal grandson of a renowned writer and poet of his time 'KSI Amanullah', Asim too started writing in both English and Urdu, he uses the pen name/Takhallus 'Farjad' for most of his urdu scripts.

Book Review: "Mehfil-e-Chaos" by Syed Asim Hussaini is a collection of soulful poems/quotes/lines and stanzas which reflect the many emotions of living. The poet has written on issues and topics ranging from life, love, heartbreak, family, faith, and death. While poems inside the book are mostly Urdu pieces (written in English) there is an adequate number of English pieces too. Through these pieces, the poet has tried to convey feelings in an unusual manner.

Take for example 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' (Page 14) where the poet has tried to address satisfaction stemming from pretense or the lost thoughts of remembrance in 'Bhool' (Page 50), the pieces almost complete a circle where dots are connected at intervals where human emotions take precedence over materialistic observations. The poems/pieces are mostly freestyle with some following the ab-ba or aa-bb rhyming style. The settings are mainly influenced by years of observation or experience with Urdu pieces being more robust than their English counterparts. The language carries depth which gets more discoverable with further readings.

This book will appeal to most poetry lovers who want a different taste of poetry inspired by countless thoughts on things that usually get passed as mundane. The poet has been successful in making readers think and feel through his stanzas. A few quotes in between pages give this book a much-needed flavor of calmness which increases interest after reading the more in-depth longer poems. Overall this collection is an apt representation of the poet's belief that 'Mehnat o mashaqat kar bhi haasil na hua, Jab tak k dua e tahajjud mein shamil na hua!' (Page 77) - 'Didn't get success only through hard work unless there were blessings in it'.

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