BR #64 | Daughters of the Brothel | Deepak Yadav | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★★★

Book - Daughters of the Brothel
Author - Deepak Yadav
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Deepak Yadav (24) is an author and entrepreneur based in Delhi. He is an alumnus of Birla School, Pilani and owns a degree in law from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. His debut novel, Walking With You, was published in 2013 when he was eighteen under the banner of Diamond Books.

He founded Bigfoot Publications in 2018: one of the leading publishing houses in India during his college days which provide an open platform to debut authors.

He has worked with several NGOs in the past including Guria, Udaan Foundation and Rotary International. He is passionate about cooking, movies and travelling.

Deepak identifies himself as an introvert, nature lover and a keen observer. He runs a Vlog channel on YouTube under the title - Mr. Bigfoot, where he shares a part of his daily life. Do not forget to subscribe to his channel.

Book Review: "Daughters of the Brothel" by Deepak Yadav is a book on true accounts of the hardships faced by red-light workers predominantly in Delhi from where stories can be extended to all parts of the country. The narrator spends a considerable amount of time with these sex workers documenting their everyday lives to show society how humane their lives are in reality. There has been an earnest attempt in this book to expose the atrocities committed against these individuals by all strata of people in society.

The author documents the lives of over a dozen sex workers in this book. Every story is heart touching and informative. However, what is common amongst all of their stories is injustice inflicted upon them by race, caste, color, and morality. Ironically the same system which criticizes their existence also forms a part of their existence. Forces exist which encourage prostitution and it is those same forces that render the removal of prostitution ineffective. Government policies have done little to improve their lives. It is upon this light that the author has written the ordinary experiences of these extraordinary people who have endured all in life just to eat two square meals a day or raise a child whose father is unknown to them. In short, no human being asks for such a life of hardship.

This book will appeal to most readers in general and is a must-read for all people in society. The author encourages his readers to be more aware of the life of a typical sex worker and treat them with the same respect and rights as every other citizen of the country. But it is also true that their life is miserable to some extent because they believe it to be so. However, education, small efforts from NGOs and goodwill from a few people in society is bringing about a slow change in terms of improvement in living conditions of prostitutes in India.

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