BR #63 | The Ramayana Secret | Anurag Chandra | Om Books International | ★★★★★

Book - The Ramayana Secret
Author - Anurag Chandra
Publisher - Om Books International
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Anurag Chandra is a New Delhi based serial entrepreneur, educator and author with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from IIT Kanpur. A Gemini at heart, he believes in ‘never having a dull moment’. After a brief stint as a software consultant in New York, he started his own educational venture, Eduwiser to create content for competitive test preparations. He has also been featured in India Today for his entrepreneurial work.

Anurag considers writing therapeutic as it transports him to an imaginative world filled with myriad characters. The Ramayana Secret marks his foray into fiction.

Book Review: "The Ramayana Secret" by Anurag Chandra is a mythological fiction retelling the story of Rama from the Indian epic 'Ramayana'. It is interesting to read an entirely different and intriguing re-interpretation of the epic which the author states to be '... not as you know it but as it happened' in the blurb of the book. What actually happened is an open question to the spectator, but this plot has been carefully woven with adequate research which is commendable.

The inner Earth kingdom of Agartha takes prominent shape in this fiction where the author has argued the place to be much more advanced than outer Earth. Spiritualism shapes Agartha while materialistic possessions drive 'Prithvi'. A turn of events cause one of the divine scripts to fall under the grasp of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. With this newfound knowledge, Ravana threatens to rule both the inner and outer worlds. In a bid to save mankind from destruction and the mayhem caused by war, Agartha decides to act and strategically eliminate Ravana by forging an alliance with the kingdom of Kosala. The book argues this strategy to be none other than Rama, the vanara army and a host of other prominent figures who were representatives from Agartha with a mission to bring harmony and spiritualism back to outer Earth. How is this version of Ramayana different from the traditional one? Which events are different? How did the author combine his research with existing works? These questions find meaning once we finish reading the book.

This story will appeal to most readers since 'Ramayana' is an epic which we hold dear to our hearts. The plot will challenge the existing idea to delve deeper into another imaginative perspective which is convincing in its own accord. Readers will be thrilled to re-read their favorite epic once again in a different light since the author has successfully woven his imaginative prowess with existing beliefs. There is originality to this work of fiction which in its own beautiful narration, is quite captivating and resourceful in enhancing knowledge.

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