BR #62 | Endurer - A Rape Story | Kapil Raj | Write India Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Endurer - A Rape Story
Author - Kapil Raj
Publisher - Write India Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Kapil Raj is an author and a professional based at New Delhi, India. With the heart of a philosopher, mind of a realist, and a deep-rooted non-conformist, he lives many lives, yet stealing the time for the most precious thing which matters to him: crafting plots, playing with characters and weaving the stories with inscribed messages.

Book Review: "Endurer - A Rape Story" by Kapil Raj is a work of fiction centered around the circumstances, trauma and recovery (if any) that surround a rape victim in India. Right from the beginning of the story, the reader is waiting for the inevitable to happen which is clear from the title of the book. However, the author has been able to maintain his foreshadowing techniques hiding the real culprit behind the mess in an expert manner. The plot, therefore, takes a thrilling turn into a mystery-solving mission.

Palak, the protagonist of the story, is a young girl from an upper-class background; her friend circle consisting of students planning to opt for higher studies in foreign soil. Living in a hostel after the death of her mother, her friends were her only companion since her father was pretty characterless. Waking up on a bright morning after attending a rave party, Palak finds herself raped and humiliated. Palak must now confront society and deal with her own insecurities if she ever wants to find peace again, all the time cursing God why it was her. Was there only one person involved in the crime? Is there any evidence against her friends who meant the world to her? How does Palak unearth future findings when she is in such a delirious state of mind? Who helps her and who eventually betrays her? These are the questions that get answered with every turn of the page as dark secrets are revealed.

This book will appeal to a lot of readers and help in awareness of the general public. The story is a reminder of how strong women can become when pushed to the boundary of injustice, how revenge can be served in a bittersweet fashion and how women eventually get the most mental support and inspiration from fellow beings with similar experiences. There is an underlying tone of gender equality in this book as men are also not free from tears, pain, and feelings of loss, thus making the plot more intriguing.

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