BR #61 | Demons of Time (Time Travelers Book 1) | Varun Sayal | Varun Sayal | ★★★★★

Book - Demons of Time (Time Travelers Book 1)
Author - Varun Sayal
Publisher - Varun Sayal
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Varun Sayal is a science fiction author who has built considerable repute in the writing world within a short span of time. His debut work 'Time Crawlers' has been a phenomenal hit on Amazon. It has also been very well received by the Goodreads Reader community. Testimony to that fact is over three hundred positive reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and other platforms within just six months of publishing that book.

Book Review: "Demons of Time (Time Travelers Book 1)" by Varun Sayal is a mythological science fiction that is a perfect holiday read containing suspense, thrill, adventure and mysterious elements from the past, present, and future. Readers are thrust into a world of time-travelers, time-readers, necromancers, sages, vahaks and elemental physics which help bind a wonderful plot. The author has done a commendable work fusing history with science.

Tej, the protagonist of the story, is a time traveler haunted by his past. He seeks nothing but revenge against Kumbh and Vetri, the two powerful time-demons of his time. Assisted by sage Rigu and his time-reading disciples, Tej must travel back in time to learn spells and magic before thrusting himself into the future to prevent an apocalypse of immense magnitude. Tej must face the demons and take quick decisions at the right time since power seems to corrupt even the rightful minds. A span of only seven days will decide the fate of the mission. Who can be trusted in this quest? Do things appear as they seem? Or is there any dark secret lurking beneath the surface? How does Tej stop the impending disaster even though he is a novice learner in time-traveling? Is there any great cost for victory? What are his superpowers? These are but a few questions that need to be answered.

This story will appeal to a lot of readers interested in both mythology and science fiction. Readers will flip through the pages quickly since the author has been successful in maintaining suspense throughout the plot. It is an adventurous journey for the reader as they walk with Tej witnessing his learning from a simple village boy to an adept time-traveler capable of thwarting dangers. The author has concluded with a satisfactory ending along with a promise of a sequel.

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