BR #60 | One Precious Moment | Ritu Kakar | Word Station | ★★★★

Book - One Precious Moment
Author - Ritu Kakar
Publisher - Word Station
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Ritu Kakar was born in Delhi and brought up in Mumbai. She now lives in Delhi with her wonderfully caring husband and two loving and totally awesome teenage children. She is surrounded with love and positivity always. Her family and friends not only support and encourage her but have full faith in her accomplishments.

She loves romance, drama and emotional upheavals and goes all gooey eyed reading a mushy scene. Be that Mills and Boon or an emotional Nicolas Spark story or a Sidney Sheldon, she loves reading and living through their writings and characters. It is this love and passion for reading which got her to start writing herself. She writes romantic fiction she tries to add a dose of reality in her stories. She is 41, but forever 16 at heart.

Book Review: "One Precious Moment" by Ritu Kakar is a romance fiction based on love, life, and loss - eventually making one realize the importance of living. The story and plot are realistic without much unnecessary emphasis on any particular character. We find ourselves flipping pages and almost getting lost reading someone's real-life story. The author has done real-time research into making the plot believable.

Mira, the narrator of the story, is a strong-minded girl who falls in love with Rahul during her college days while commuting via train to her college. Their romance, in the beginning, is limited to staring inside the train daily where the description of self-containment by the author deserves appreciation. Rahul is four years older than Mira and their typical middle-class romance is pretty relatable to many. Things go well and Mira's parents accept their relationship since Rahul, being in the service sector and caring boyfriend, qualifies as good husband material. Their love, fights, longing, missing, and reconciling is a treat for readers. Mira and Rahul marry after a few years and plan on starting a family when the inevitable happens one day. What happens? Who is responsible for it? Will they possibly recover? Read the full book to find out.

This book will appeal to a lot of readers who love romance and fiction or just a heart-touching love story. The setting of the plot is in Mumbai and Delhi which is inspired by the author's real-life experiences in those cities. The book is a reminder of life and the uncertainties that come with it. A truly heartwarming story of love that entails family, friends, responsibility, and justice - a curse and a boon that balances the scales in the long run for all characters. Life is all about second chances with positive memories of the first.

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