BR #59 | A Drop of You | Krishna Chhetri | Quignog | ★★★★

Book - A Drop of You
Author - Krishna Chhetri
Publisher - Quignog
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Krishna stumbled into writing and eventually fell in love with it. Oscar Wilde had once said, “To define is to limit”. That is how Krishna sees life. A Drop of You is his debut novel. He lives in Noida.

Book Review: "A Drop of You" by Krishna Chhetri is a romance fiction dealing with the certainties and uncertainties of love, life, friendship, and romance. The story goes on to show the beliefs people hold and their expectations while being in a relationship - be it friendship or love. The plot is an apt representation of the struggles young people face today, the trust and mistrust they develop due to peer pressure and their successes or failures dealing with depression.

Karma, who is the main character in the story, falls in love with Ghazal at first sight. They embark on a romantic relationship with lots of promises, all the time scorning the limitations imposed upon them by society. Things go well and they start a live-in relationship. But the seeds of discomfort are soon planted when Ghazal sees Karma a bit too comfortable with his childhood best friend Diana. Having lost her mother at a young age and a spineless father who left, Karma is the only friend and family Diana has. Therefore, the fact that Diana secretly loves Karma is not unknown to him but he feels romantically attached only to Ghazal, or is he? What will he choose given a choice between Ghazal and Diana as a wife? Who will he ultimately love and who will betray him?

This story will appeal to romance lovers since the characters face difficult choices and the opportunities that come their way leaves no winner as such. The plot is gripping with beautiful philosophies in between lines highlighting the ironies present in society as well as adequate poems, 'shayaris', and small notes which bring out the essence of love. The references to Bollywood and English artists and songs will leave readers enticed till the end. A beautiful note awaits the readers in the 'Afterward', but one must feel the character developments to comprehend the same.

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