BR #58 | Fluid | Ashish Jaiswal | Wisdom Tree | ★★★★

Book - Fluid
Author - Ashish Jaiswal
Publisher - Wisdom Tree
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Ashish Jaiswal thinks that most of our current practices of education are dangerously outdated and we need to bring a paradigm shift in the way we are preparing ourselves for the coming future. Ashish has spoken and taught all around the world on the shift that is needed. His previous book, How to Reform a Business School, includes an on-campus multi-year case study of how Yale transformed its business school. Ashish’s debut work, True Dummy, an inspirational magical realist fable, has received worldwide praise from many including international media, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners.

Ashish has a PhD in Education and a Master’s in Higher Education from the University of Oxford and is currently an associate fellow at the Oxford Centre of Higher Education Policy Studies.

Book Review: "Fluid" by Ashish Jaiswal is a self-help book that inspires one to do more than what they can usually achieve. The book opens with testimonials from renowned personalities, both in and out of the literary world, which complements the title of the book. The language is easily comprehensible and preaches one to try more than limited capabilities in order to achieve success in multiple fields. The author wants to portray the fluidic nature citing examples of successful individuals.

A lot of research went into creating this book and is inevitable from the facts we uncover as we flip through the pages reading about Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, and many other legends. An underlying criticism foreshadows the limitations imposed upon an individual to excel in a single task when many hold the capability to excel in multiple tasks. This very limitation hinders the progress of mankind. The various sections of the book brief us on history and continue the journey towards a modern-day world where we find great thinkers being 'fluid specialists'. Anti-fluidity is a wrong turn in our education system. The pages are filled with visionary thoughts and present the pros and cons of risk-taking.

This book will appeal to a lot of readers who want to explore the unknown side, be optimistic about their decisions and turn a blind eye towards forces holding them back. The plot acts as a reminder that the time has come to move beyond our capabilities and 'be more than what you are taught to be'. It is a secret recipe of the approach applied by geniuses over centuries. A perfect one time read for people looking to try a more fluidic approach towards their goal.

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