BR #57 | The Girl With Blue Eyes | Vaiibhav Nigam | Vaiibhav Nigam | ★★★★

Book - The Girl With Blue Eyes
Author - Vaiibhav Nigam
Publisher - Vaiibhav Nigam
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Vaiibhav Nigam is an author and a speaker. When it comes to writing he likes to write engaging romantic thrillers that keeps the readers at the edge of their seats. He believes that everything has a story if we really pay attention.

Book Review: "The Girl With Blue Eyes" by Vaiibhav Nigam is a romance thriller that is quite engaging. It has an underlying atmosphere of suspense where identity of persons involved in a supposed love triangle becomes the ultimate mystery. Often what we perceive as the truth escapes our judgment from reality and we are thrust into believing or disbelieving feelings such as love. The existence of confidence in such scenarios become a hurdle.

Armaan, the protagonist and narrator of this story, is a young lad who falls in love with Tanisha, a simplistic and shy girl. Months pass and Armaan feels their relationship is not progressing on the physical front. In an effort to stop the taunts coming from peer pressure, Armaan tries to force things upon his girlfriend, ultimately losing trust and ruining the relationship. Troubled with the guilt he meets with an accident after which the girl in blue eyes, Rutvi, comes into his life. Armaan cheats on Tanisha but no one seems to notice his newfound love which makes him wonder if he's in some kind of trap. Who is this new girl? Is she related to his girlfriend? Who truly loves him and why? Is there any mystery behind the denial of physical intimacy? Read this thrilling page-turner to uncover the truth behind the girl with blue eyes.

This book will appeal to romance and thriller lovers as the plot is very intriguing. The story almost takes a detective-like turn in the climax as police investigations into Armaan's love life ensue the validity of the questions asked above. However, the reader can almost predict a few things halfway through the book and it would have been better if the author thought of a better way to present things. Yet the seductive, remorseful and realistic tone of narration will keep readers glued to the book.

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