BR #56 | Five Gifts That Shaped My Life | Samar Deep Singh | Gurucool Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - Five Gifts That Shaped My Life
Author - Samar Deep Singh
Publisher - Gurucool Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Samar Deep Singh is currently working in power sector. He hails from New Delhi. He wanted to become a Professor but his father & destiny conspired together & made him an Engineer. He is a graduate in two streams - B. Tech (Mech engg.) & Political Science. His hobbies include poetry, story writing & martial arts. He is an ardent fan of Chetan Bhagat & a die-hard follower of Sandeep Maheshwari.

His debut book 'Five Gifts That Shaped My Life' is a tribute to grandfather & grandson relationship that cast a spell with daring adventures & mesmerising short stories filled with mystery, adventure & thrill. He is also working on two other books: 'Adventures of Back Benchers' & 'Love at the Edge of Divorce'.

Book Review: "Five Gifts That Shaped My Life" by Samar Deep Singh is a collection of fifteen heartwarming short stories built upon the precious relationship that the young share with the old. The book takes you to many short adventures through stories told by a grandfather to his grandson. The moral associated at the end of each story can be linked with one of five gifts given to the grandson by his grandfather.

Ron, the protagonist of the story, travels back in time through beautiful memories in order to relive the moments spent with his Dadu, a retired Army Pilot in the Royal Air Force of Britain. Living in India as Anglo-Indians, the family of Ron has British ancestry along with many adventures. Ron being a mischevious child failing at studies, it is his Dadu with whom his wonderful memories are carved. Not because Dadu taught him to study, but because he taught him to become a better human being and teaching valuable lessons of life through five gifts - an hourglass, a magnifying glass, a mirror, a violin, and colored marbles. Each of these gifts is relatable as a life lesson learned and compared to at the end of each short story in this book.

This collection will appeal to a lot of short story lovers as a short weekend read. The short stories will definitely make hearts melt in love as we travel back in time getting mesmerized at the wonderful tales of Dadu. Life is beautiful and we all have duties and responsibilities before asking our rights from Life. It is in such wonderful lines that the author has conveyed many deep messages of love, honor, friendship, sacrifice, family, and bonding.

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