BR #55 | Inkredia - Luwan of Brida | Sarang Mahajan | Gloryburg | ★★★★★

Book - Inkredia - Luwan of Brida
Author - Sarang Mahajan
Publisher - Gloryburg
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Sarang Mahajan is a novelist and a screenwriter. An avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, most of his work belongs to these genres. While writing the four books in the Inkredia Series, he is also working on a science fiction series.

Book Review: "Inkredia - Luwan of Brida" by Sarang Mahajan is a work of fantasy fiction and is the first book of a proposed four-part series. The book is a universe in itself which is quite magical, thrilling and adventurous. One gets reminded of Tolkien's 'Fellowship of the Ring' from his famous 'The Lord of the Rings' series while turning the pages of this book. We are thrust inside a world where good and evil clashes to bring balance to the land of Inkredia.

Luwan, the protagonist of the adventure, hails from a small village called Brida located on the foothills of mountains. Tension begins when he refuses to pay the tax to his Lord and escapes from his hometown along with his elder sister Meg. This event coincides with a much sinister deeper motive of other higher beings introduced in the prologue of the story as Luwan is the carrier of some valuable relic. Naturally, Luwan and the company get attacked multiple times en route their journey to the City. With every passing incident, Luwan is forced to believe that events are unfolding not simply because he evaded a meager tax but there had to be other sides of this puzzle why everyone is after a simple village lad. Together with a friendly hand from Kiliarn, Meg and Luwan must escape from the clutches of dark forces in their mysterious adventure and find a place to start a new life.

This story will truly fascinate fantasy readers as they encounter a world of Men, Ghosts, Monfrits, Ghorks, Sorcerers, Knights, Merchants and many more interesting creations by the author. Will Luwan and Meg successfully reach the City? Is Kiliarn a friend or foe? Does evil capture the relic from Luwan? What lies in The Castle of Tashkrum, a frequent in Luwan's dreams? And most importantly, who is Luwan? One needs to read this highly recommended adventure book for sure.

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