BR #54 | The Ineligible Millionaire | Tarun Varshney | Invincible Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - The Ineligible Millionaire
Author - Tarun Varshney
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Tarun Varshney was born in Hathras, India, and completed a degree in engineering when he was 20. He has spent four and a half years in the United States and Europe before moving back to India. His adventures include skydiving at Perris, boating at the Big Bear Lake, river tubing at Helen, and many more. He is very much into programming and has worked on some wonderful projects for AT&T, Cisco, Kodak, NCR, Omantel, Reddy Ice, Rockwell, and Sony. He loves to write about his life experiences on his blog (, which has visitors from over twenty-four countries.

Book Review: "The Ineligible Millionaire" by Tarun Varshney is a story based on the realities of life in the family of a middle-class family in India. The plot has a striking resemblance and can definitely be a true story for someone easily. Struggle, hardship, adventure, thrill, drama, love, responsibility and the thousand other minute things which together contribute to the big picture called 'Life' is what this story is all about.

Arjun is young and unemployed simply because companies want good marks in the paper mark sheet because in this fast-paced world no one wants to dedicate time to see the inner potential. As a result, Arjun finds himself slowly walking towards the path of depression, with a growing number of rejections and an increased loan amount for his education from dad. Society seems to take advantage of the weak and Arjun was no exception, except for his own part where he was very hardworking, sincere and diligent. Does hard work really pay off? Is Arjun finally able to get rid of all loans? How does he manage to get along initially? Does his love life get affected when he hits a job? While the narrative may sound simple but events take place in a quite dramatic fashion close to real life. Is it really so much simple or are there any underlying dark secrets on a seemingly plain plot from above?

The author has done a wonderful job by incorporating his personal experiences into the story to some extent, especially in work culture, traveling abroad and skydiving adventures. Most readers will find this book interesting as well as inspiring. Love, friendship, trust, betrayal, and a millionaire dream coupled with responsibility towards parents and balancing personal life is what makes this story truly wonderful to read as there are many sub-plots and adequate twists guaranteeing a satisfactory end. A completely believable story that is sure to encourage young minds.

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