BR #53 | The Involution: The Beginning | Vijayalatha N | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - The Involution: The Beginning
Author - Vijayalatha N
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Vijayalatha is a doting mother, an avid trekker, certified scuba diver, nature and animal lover. Topics like ESP, cognition, telekinesis and consciousness have interested her since childhood. She has the practice of penning down all the learning experiences from her treks, travel and day-to-day activities.

One evening, she was telling a story to pep up her friend when the whole idea of writing this book manifested and the epiphany that everything we go through in our daily life can be resolved when you see within yourself formed the rest of the book.

Book Review: "The Involution: The Beginning" by Vijayalatha N is a work of science fiction rotating around the theory of multi-dimensional planes of existence. The story beautifully combines the spiritual, mythological and scientific realms into reality. We are thrust into a different world stemming from comic books, video games, and superhero-like abilities but more geometrical in nature. It is this amalgamation of imagination and reality which has successfully captured the essence of attention.

Adi, the protagonist of the story, is physically weak from the start after being afflicted with diseases affecting the nerves and joints. He, however, used to be a different child from the beginning, and when his physical capabilities reduced, his mental strength began to expand. He started witnessing strange dreams more often and began to feel emotions strongly. Adi was scared yet comfortable in exploring this new world. He started to see an aura of nature in the land, air, and water while practicing mantras to make himself more fit for space-time travel in dreams. This led to supernatural experiences where he became clear about his understanding of God, angels, spirits, reality, the good, the bad and most importantly - his purpose!

This book will appeal to a lot of readers of science fiction as it throws light upon how an individual can experience a spiritual awakening through lost Hindu mantras and self-consciousness. Readers will also love the thrill, adventure, and bond of friendship evident in the story coupled with love and fights involving otherworldly beings. The hero, heroine, friends, student, teacher, lover and parent, all play an important part in the climax overall, as we await future series to come.

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