BR #52 | The Things We Do For Love | Raunak Agarwal | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★★★

Book - The Things We Do For Love
Author - Raunak Agarwal
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Raunak Agarwal is a storyteller and poet based in Kolkata, India. One of the most popular bloggers on Instagram with over 50,000 followers, Raunak considers himself as a jack of all trades, who is slowly, but steadily working towards becoming the master of all of them. He is an avid dreamer (quite literally) and he often turns his bizarre dreams into thoughtful and funny short stories.

Book Review: "The Things We Do For Love" by Raunak Agarwal is a romance fiction involving four young people who are interconnected by want of love. The plot revolves around how modern love stories are woven wherein social media, past experiences and youth motives play an important role in the success mantra of two couples. We encounter humane feelings that love invokes as side effects as we flip through the pages.

Rudra was in a relationship with Tania before she left the city to pursue higher studies. In between all the years, Rudra wanted love to be reciprocated from Ruhani, who was already in a relationship with Kabir. With some couples, nothing lasts. Hence, at a time when Ruhani and Kabir were facing troubles keeping their promises, Rudra left no stone unturned to win back Ruhani stating all the reasons why she shouldn't be with Kabir. The author has portrayed well the modern mood swings, double dating and drama of girls as well as the lustful behavior of boys which eventually lead to not so happy endings as feelings of jealousy and revenge take over. Who wins eventually? Who has ulterior motives? Who is good and who is bad? Can old love defeat new? These are the questions needing answers.

The plot and story will appeal to all romance and YA lovers. It is interesting to note how well the author has presented the book in the format of a diary going back and coming forward in life. The characters evolve well throughout the story and the author has marveled in making us feel that one takes responsibility for their own actions. There is an intriguing twist in the end while readers cannot wait for the story to continue in the next part.

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