BR #50 | The Moulded Writer | Harshita Ashwani | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★

Book - The Moulded Writer
Author - Harshita Ashwani
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Harshita Ashwani is an engineering student and an author by choice. She loves to play with words, loves to write about teenage love and unrequited love. Her work has been selected as the winner story of Tata Literature Live Mumbai, MyStory contest. Inspired by her daily life experiences, she turns life into stories and verses. THE MOULDED WRITER is her debut novel. She’s currently working on her other fictional romance work.

Book Review: "The Moulded Writer" by Harshita Ashwani is a love story involving two young people who go through the highs and lows of a relationship in order to keep love alive. The setting is urban characterized by a marked emphasis on how feelings have evolved in today's fast-paced world. Deep philosophical thoughts can be found in between paragraphs which give a good insight into the author's understanding of romance and its formation in budding years.

Vani is a simplistic girl who lives with her single mother and falls head-over-heels in love with Rishi. Their relationship picks up pace very fast and we find that Rishi is a rich party kid, but honest about Vani, whose mom happens to be a doctor. Their relationship blossoms like spring after winter and we find many poems and couplets addressed to each other which give ornamentation to the pages. All seems to progress well until Vani's mom meets with an accident. Where bliss builds a nest, dark times follow. Soon Vani discovers a truth about Rishi's family and background which he had been hiding from her. What could that possibly be? Why did Rishi hide anything, if at all? Misunderstandings follow which leaves a deep scar in both of their hearts. Are they able to overcome their problems and fulfill their promises in the end? Read this short book to find out.

While the characters have been developed well in this plot, the overall script seems to require a few more pages in this book so as not to give such sudden shifts of setting and feelings. The flow seemed predictable at times as the entire narration time is roughly one year. Life shows no mercy in love and it would have been better if the author made such vital changes in the plot not so suddenly, thus giving time to readers to adjust to the new setting. Given minor flaws, the book will overall appeal to most readers looking for a short weekend read.

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