BR #48 | Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 - 2018 | Sabarna Roy | Leadstart Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 - 2018
Author - Sabarna Roy
Publisher - Leadstart Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Sabarna Roy is the author of four books: Pentacles, Frosted Glass, Abyss, and Winter Poems. A civil engineer by profession (he passed out from Jadavpur University in 1988), Roy spends his time on books, music, movies and international television series, when he is not writing or at work in an engineering-manufacturing organization in Kolkata. With no love for pets or gardening (although he loves forests and wildlife) or socializing, and a lot of time for introspection and deep (and not-so-deep!) thinking, Roy’s works reflect his views on the global order and individuals striving to find their place in it.

Book Review: "Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 - 2018" by Sabarna Roy is a collection of over ninety very short and short pieces of poems, opinions, observations and conversations including a relatively long set-piece. The book is intriguing in the sense that the pieces it contains form a mysterious pattern where all the five senses of the readers are awakened. The pages almost reflect a transcendental phenomenon of the heart and mind at work, often reflecting minute activities of day-to-day lives.

The author confesses at the beginning about his introvert nature and how it helped in shaping this book over the years. It thus provides a plethora of information which the author has collected after years of travel and experience. He is an assimilator of information and likes to read and write through his own comprehension of established notions. Readers, therefore, get to see different shades of life, and even death, while turning the pages. Some works are observational, some personal, some sarcastic and some fictional. Together all these pieces form a beautiful circus in words and thoughts wherein we are confronted with a view of an urbanite. It is interesting to see so many kaleidoscopes of topics interwoven with the utmost care, often from great thinking, or rather, different thinking. 

This book will appeal to readers who want to immerse themselves quietly in solitude holding a unique book. The thoughts and opinions presented in this book will surely appease a lot of free thinkers while also raise questions for countering - the perfect setting, in my opinion, for an 'adda' of the mind! The fact that the language is lucid enough to comprehend idly will surely add to the mystery of reading the book. Overall the pages invoke a sense of multi-dimensional thinking having flavors from all walks of life.

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