BR #46 | I Will Forget You Too | Abhilash Aman | White Falcon Publishing | ★★★★

Book - I Will Forget You Too
Author - Abhilash Aman
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Author is a Senior Software Engineer who is an NIT Patna Alumnus. He is also interested in poetry. He calls himself an engineer by profession, an author by passion and a poet by emotion.

Book Review: "I Will Forget You Too" by Abhilash Aman is a teenage love story which pushes our mind to the sweet school memories of childhood romance. The plot is set in a DAV school where ample amenities are provided to the students from the authorities. Therefore, in every chapter, we find a new setting for the narrator to reminiscence his past. The plot chosen speaks of the friendship and eventual attempts of romance of a typical middle-class joint family boy and girl.

Abhilash, the narrator and protagonist of the story, goes back to his childhood school to re-live the memories of his past. He recounts his friendship and love with his classmate Madhvi. Amit and Abhinayan were his best buddies who like true friends also played their parts making significant contributions to Abhilash's love story. The pages will surely bring a smile on the reader's face as they recount some relatable childhood fallacies and fantasies that make school love stories a memorable treat. But what happened after they grew up? Were the promises fulfilled? Or was it just a childhood infatuation? These are the questions which will keep readers hooked inside the book.

This book will appeal to a lot of people who enjoy romance fiction and teen love stories. The plot is simple yet relatable to many. It is the innocence of childhood and life lived in dreams under the shelter of our parents which truly make such opportunities during our younger days memorable. We are reminded time and again that children have feelings too and what must be the role of elders and society at large to fulfill everyone's struggles of dreaming big.

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