BR #43 | A Love Story by Destiny | Deesha Sangani | Srishti Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - A Love Story by Destiny
Author - Deesha Sangani
Publisher - Srishti Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author, motivational speaker and certified personal empowerment coach. A highly influential blogger, an inspiration for many who want to live their dreams whilst following a corporate career, she loves to work towards making the world a happier and more content place.

Book Review: "A Love Story by Destiny" by Deesha Sangani is a romance fiction based on coincidences. A good book based on life, love, heartbreaks, responsibilities, and family with an underlying real-life mystery. There is a little bit of everything in this book - romance, adventure, thrill, suspense, and even danger. A unique take on names is what makes this book stand apart as we can follow through the different motives of the characters.

Avanni Singh, the protagonist of the story, is a connoisseur of art and dreams to own an art gallery someday. She falls in love with Kiran Kapoor, a hotelier. An accident shakes their seemingly perfect love story while on tour when Avanni discovers her boyfriend might probably have been cheating even when they were committed. She embarks on a journey to find out the truth and meets another Kiran Kapoor, the pilot. They develop mutual feelings for one another while coincidentally going to meet the same person, Avanni Khanna, who is connected to both the Kiran Kapoor's. The similarity of names is very interesting but the coincidences have been well explained in the end partly. Who is in love with whom? How are they interconnected? Is there any third person controlling the fate of the four?

The fact that this story has an open ending will appeal to a lot of people. The characters are relatable and the geography and setting of the plot are pretty adventurous as we travel along with them to a lot of cities across India. We learn a lot about love and the working of the human heart in today's fast-paced world as we come out enlightened after flipping the pages. The happiness and misfortunes of a relationship find justice and balance in this wonderfully crafted story.

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