BR #41 | Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu | Antar Atreya | Invincible Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu
Author - Antar Atreya
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Antar Atreya is a graduate in economics who decided to turn into a storyteller at 24. He wrote his first book, ‘Classic Suspense Stories’ at the age of 14. He also co-authored with Durjoy Datta in a book ‘Pocketful O’ Stories’ that features 5 of his nano-tales. ‘Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu’ is his first mytho-fantasy fiction saga. To inspire budding writers he has also launched a YouTube segment where he shares the details of writing and publishing in India. A socially responsible Indian; part of author’s profit will be donated for a cause.

Book Review: "Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu" by Antar Atreya is a mythological fantasy fiction based on a mortal avatar of Lord Vishnu in the new Treta Yuga. It is based on and inspired by Indian mythology to a great extent which goes on to show the versatility of the author. The re-imagination of not just one place or country but the entire world spread across seven continents deserves appreciation. One can find not only human species in this story but also a host of otherworldly beings.

Tejas is the protagonist of the story who, along with his friend and brother Ashok, is on a mission to set the world free from tyranny and restore dharma. This quest takes them on an adventure encompassing the different landmasses spread around the new world. Evil grows both in numbers and strength as the two heroes learn to fight and gather allies. However, they both must come to terms with each other while balancing love, life, and corruption present at all tiers of the system. The description of advanced and divine weapons used in warfare adds thrill to the plot while various other sub-plots make the journey of Tejas a challenging one for sure. Set in a world favored by the Gods, human beings have moved past saintly traits and made way for dark times. Can Tejas restore dharma in the world? How powerful is evil? Will Ashok stay till the end? How many allies does Tejas have against every enemy? Read this exciting book to find out.

The theme chosen is a popular one and will appeal to a lot of readers who are into adventure, mythology and the war of past eras. Much research has been done to give life to all the characters and geographical locations. While Tejas and his beliefs are sure to enthrall readers there is a much deeper understanding of philosophical ideas present in each chapter of the book. It teaches us many lessons on valor, love, sacrifice, courage, redemption and a host of other traits which truly define our mortal stay in this world. The ending promises more action from Tejas in the years to come.

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