BR #39 | Where Will Man Take Us? | Atul Jalan | Penguin India | ★★★★★

Book - Where Will Man Take Us?
Author - Atul Jalan
Publisher - Penguin India
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Atul Jalan, forever on the lookout for the next exciting idea and the next exciting thing to do, is an entrepreneur who is always on the move.

A childhood interest in technology transformed into a lasting love-life-technology intersections-through which he now explores how the technology man built is transforming him and the institutions he has created. What interests him the most about this merging of biology with technology is the fact that there is no end to it. There is always something new, something exciting, something surprising around the corner.

When not peeking at how technology impacts life next door, Jalan likes to travel-preferably on the bicycle he's built himself with the aid of a few tech tools he is testing.

A science storyteller and futurist, Jalan is the founder-CEO of a pioneering AI venture, Manthan, by day. It is his fourth successful venture as an entrepreneur, and there is no knowing where he might take us next.

Book Review: "Where Will Man Take Us?" by Atul Jalan is a technology fiction based on man's inherent desire to progress beyond his capabilities. The book has many interesting pages questioning our existence and how our desire to seek answers has led us to a path towards being superhuman (or at least wishing for it). History is replete with examples of how science and technology are responsible for creating the world today. The author has given meaningful insights into the world of robotics, nanotechnology, science, artificial intelligence and evolution to name a few.

The book has segregated sections with short chapters and even shorter sub-headings within chapters which make it easy for the reader to follow. This has enabled the author to answer targeted queries of the readers and also to provide explanations categorically in this vast field where in-depth concepts might not always be clear to the general public. It is interesting to note how modern machine concepts had been addressed long ago in ancient times, how knowledge about space and mathematics can be found written in textbooks from the past. The author has addressed issues related to man's desire in conquering space, contacting aliens, creating human-like robots, integrating robotics with biology, trying to re-create DNA and a lot of other research which will ultimately make us superhuman and maybe eventually god-like. What is further interesting is the author's take on the moral ethics of trying to experiment with the above-mentioned issues. This book is a storehouse of knowledge.

A lot of readers who enjoy tech fiction, sci-fi and research will find many chapters interesting while to others it is a wonderful knowledge enhancing read. We cannot wait to witness the signs of progress occurring in a rapidly changing world where man is becoming robot-like, robots man-like and intelligence artificial-like. The evolution from apes to humans has enabled us to conquer earth, will the next step in evolution help us in conquering space?

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