BR #36 | Operation Camouflage: A Mysterious Civilian Operation | Amit Sidham | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - Operation Camouflage: A Mysterious Civilian Operation
Author - Amit Sidham
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Amit Sidham is a Marketer turned Management Consultant turned Entrepreneur and currently the Managing Partner at a startup. The plot of the mystery was in his mind for quite some time, but the book took a back seat due to work commitments, till one day he finally decided to start writing and bring the book to life. The delay did help in its own way by giving him additional time to think and add more surprises and interesting turns to the story.

He is an endurance runner and has won several medals in various long-distance runs. Amit is also passionate about inspirational and patriotic poetry and has created a YouTube channel for the same. He is associated with several NGOs working in the field of nature conservation, nation building and education. He lives in Bangalore with his parents Asmita and Anil, wife Mukta and daughter Saanvi.

He can be contacted through email at

Book Review: "Operation Camouflage: A Mysterious Civilian Operation" by Amit Sidham is an action-adventure fiction story based on environment conservation and a will to protect all living beings by a group of highly intelligent individuals. The main focus is on wildlife and pollution wherein five bright individuals go undercover for years to establish GALAXY - a private self-operated institute that caters to the need of restoring balance in the ecosystem which humanity has severely disrupted over recent decades. The operation works like a camouflage wherein the founders and co-founders live a life replete with a dual identity.

Aaditya or Aaadi, a young corporate executive and the main protagonist, is the brains behind GALAXY and supported by a team of individuals with unparalleled talent in getting work done, security, crisis management, and most importantly cooperation. An attack on Aadi from rivals prompted the team to reveal themselves and the world got a glimpse of their works over the years. They not only took strict measures to stop poaching, save animals, and reduce pollution but also made economic impacts on industry, FMCG goods, robotics, and health. While the majority of public and even the media supported the mind-blowing technology efficient initiatives of GALAXY, it is evident that these initiatives bred enemies too. Will Operation Reveal survive in the long run? Are Aadi, his friends and family safe from danger? Will the government intervene? One must read this beautiful thriller to find out.

This book is full of creative imagination and logical explanation which the author has crafted carefully. The plot deserves appreciation for its flow affecting the long list of unexpected events that leave a lasting impact on our morality. Such work deserves appreciation for a constant belief in the goodness present in humankind. While it is definitely entertaining, readers can expect more from Aadi in coming years.

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