BR #35 | Death Of Dreams | Shruti Agrawal | ★★★★

Book - Death Of Dreams
Author - Shruti Agrawal
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Born in 2002, Shruti Agrawal is the daughter Mr. Puneet Gupta & Mrs. Shubha Gupta. Hailing from Lucknow, Shruti is a passionate poet. She is a girl with a pinch of madness and tones of happiness who has won national awards for English Literature.
Instagram - @writershruti

Book Review: "Death Of Dreams" by Shruti Agrawal is a collection of quotes and poems spread across pages with a definite writing style and line spacing. It is intended to awaken the spirit within you as the lines go on to reflect some broader aspects of life. I loved the way how the poet has broken simple lines into poetry in order to convey deep messages which make one thoughtful. There is a flow in the overall writing style.

The book begins on a softer note regarding love and sacrifices it entails, which later on gets a broader definition - love not just like a romance, but love for oneself and one's surroundings. There were inspiring quotes as well as motivational, realistic and dreamy ones, quotes which portrayed character and truths of life and also quotes which aroused the subconscious inside you. The lines were anywhere between four to ten in length throughout the book with sufficient spacing in between. This perhaps helped a lot to introspect after reading each stanza. The poet has done a commendable work by not using too many unnecessary punctuations in this book, thus maintaining the rhythm of this wonderful short read in one go.

This collection of quotes and poems will appeal to poetry lovers and many more as it is a perfect read for someone looking to relax for a short while. The writing will give you mental support, question your existence, remind you of your obligations towards life and yet encourage you to keep on turning the pages for more reflections to ponder upon. It is appreciable for delivering so much more than just an ordinary book of quotes and poetry.

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