BR #34 | Once Lost Found Forever | Jitender Rishi Parmar | Author's Ink Publications | ★★★★

Book - Once Lost Found Forever
Author - Jitender Rishi Parmar
Publisher - Author's Ink Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Jitender Rishi Parmar works as Assistant Professor at Hindu College, Sonipat. A gold medalist in M.Phil, a doctorate in English and a seeker in essence, he has been published widely from national and international publishers. This book is his second novel. His interests in human relationships and spirituality are key writing inspirations. He can be reached

Book Review: "Once Lost Found Forever" by Jitender Rishi Parmar is a fiction story based on the realization of one's self in a fast-paced world where nothing seems to transcend from temporary to permanent. This gives us an insight into the ever greenness of things and makes us question the same. Yet the book also offers a solution, one that is transcendental and elevates our mental spirits to push our boundaries for the best. It is inspirational motivating us to rediscover another side of the world. A story built on love, proving its strong foundations even in today's world.

Shagun had a troubled childhood and teenage replete with sexual victimization of her soul which ultimately led to her father disowning his own daughter. Having lost her mother during childhood too, she became a victim of male domination in a cruel world which ultimately shaped her to be something she did not want to become when she grew up. Getting afflicted with HIV, a wave of emotions rush past her each day. While she is successful sometimes, mostly she is defeated. Will she find someone to fill up her emptiness inside? Will any man truly love her? Is there acceptance in society for her dreams? Who helps her ultimately? A boy, a girl or a wise old man?

This book offers a story within a story of two girls who were quite distinct in their experiences in life, but both of who end up in the same place, same situation and in the arms of same people. A story of love, identity, betrayal, and reunion all held together in various twist and turns of fate, philosophy, and longing. It reminds us not to lose hope and keep going even when everything seems lost. A beacon of hope exists in this story having adequate wow moments to enlighten your thoughts appealing to most readers.

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