BR #33 | Shhh! Don't Talk about Mental Health | Arjun Gupta | Notion Press | ★★★★

Book - Shhh! Don't Talk about Mental Health
Author - Arjun Gupta
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Arjun Gupta is a mental health activist. He has been raising mental health awareness through his blog and YouTube channel for two years, after having battled severe clinical depression between 2015 and 2017. Hailing from Hisar in Haryana, Arjun is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Delhi University. Supported by the love of his family and admirers, Arjun works to make the world a better place. A world that is sensitive to those battling their own mind.

Book Review: "Shhh! Don't Talk about Mental Health" by Arjun Gupta is a book on mental well being that presents true stories, research, statistics, and facts. It helps us understand how, why and where the mind works as well as limitations occurring sporadically in a field which is less talked about. The book helps us to differentiate and make a clear distinction between psychology, psychiatry, mental health, mental illness, and mental well-being. Such in-depth discussions presented in the book clears the cloud which obstructs human beings understanding behind the working of our mind, brain, and emotions.

The author takes up an example of a young teenage boy who suffered from depression for two long unfortunate years. He explains the cause, effects, and remedies for the same. It is surprising to note that the situations which we perceive as local are in fact international problems at large. The contents open with historical evidence of how mental health was treated during the past and its gradual evolution into present treatments. We find both the caring and atrocious side of humans when it comes to dealing with mentally challenged individuals. The author has also provided with detailed reports on works of other scholars in this field and the achievements of nations over the decades. It is insightful to note all the different techniques and experiments undertaken throughout history just to come at a better consensus on the working of our minds. It shows the social, economic, political and scientific impacts over given geographies in time.

The book concludes on a positive note where the author is hopeful and energetic for a change. The last few pages and definitely the ending will bring a smile on your face, a sense of satisfaction and contentment in a world where good still prevails. Efforts, both at the micro and macro level, are needed to make mental health awareness a success on our planet as programs and per capita spending of nations, in this sensitive area, is still far from satisfactory!

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