BR #32 | Wild World | Deepak Arora | Srishti Publishers | ★★★★★

Book - Wild World
Author - Deepak Arora
Publisher - Srishti Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Deepak Arora is an electronic media professional with more than 20 years in the field. His various trips to different wildlife national parks got him contemplating about life in the wild and humans through the animals’ perspective. The result was 2 Moondance Film Festival awards, 1 Dada Saheb Film Festival Award and various international recognitions for his 2 screenplays written on the theme of Saving the Tiger. This book is his attempt to evoke love for the wildlife in young minds.

Book Review: "Wild World" by Deepak Arora is an adventure fiction like "The Jungle Book" which will appeal to both children and adults equally. It is a story marked with an underlying awareness about wildlife conservation and the depth of feelings embodied inside animals. The author marks on multiple occasion how humans should treat animals better, how it is our responsibility to save our planet making it a better place to live for everyone, and finally, how nature dictates us to maintain a balance between cities and the wild.

The book narrates a creative fiction on the adventures of Bali, an intelligent langur, and Bhola, the ever-hungry bear, who embark on a dangerous mission to save Rani, the tigress queen of the jungle whom poachers targeted to kill but fate landed her in the City Zoo. They take on this mission because Raja, the tiger king, is sad for the loss of his Rani and is the only tiger left in the jungle! Bali and Bhola must overcome memories of their past human tortures and go back into the city again to save Rani before Champak Lal and his assistants Raka and Kaka can kill the last surviving tiger of Wild World and turn it into a city of amusement parks. Can they save Rani on time to reunite her with Raja? Can Raja escape from the imminent threat of death looming over him every day as he lurks in the shadows alone? Will the other animals of the jungle help Bali and Bhola in their quest to save tigers? Read this wonderful adventure story to find out more.

This book is enthralling because it voices some practical issues deep down apart from being just a children's storybook, like the inhuman treatment of animals, the clearing of forests to make way for human settlements, poaching and hunting, even gender equality which binds the animal kingdom together! This is a story which will open our eyes into witnessing both the good and bad present in humans as Bali and Bhola take us on an adventure where there is action, grief, revenge, loss, regret and a sense of nature's way to end things according to one's karma.

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