BR #29 | The Wise Man Said | Priya Kumar | Books That Inspire | ★★★★★

Book - The Wise Man Said
Author - Priya Kumar
Publisher - Books That Inspire
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker. No matter who we are, where we are and what our circumstance, when purpose, confidence and self-determination becomes our guiding force, we live to our truest honor - this has been the driving force behind Priya's endeavors in speaking and in writing.

Book Review: "The Wise Man Said" by Priya Kumar is work of spiritual fiction and USA Best Book Awards Finalist. It is one of those pieces of fiction which inspire you to travel in search for your own light within. The author has thrown light upon this spiritual awakening inside people which turns out to be a result of our quests lying hidden in our surroundings. The infinite possibilities of a world where experience and interaction carry more meaning than money and riches. This book will help readers learn what lies ahead and how we must have a balanced approach to life at present - neither exhilarating too much on success nor brooding long in our failures.

The narrator is lost in her world of deadlines and ideas which seem hard to crop out. For a moment she gives up her mantle of materialistic pleasures and walks adrift the path in search of solitude. It is at this moment where she experiences a chance encounter with Sammy, the 80-year-old protagonist of the story. The encounter doesn't last as Sammy disappears as quickly as he had appeared but leaves behind his diary full of adventures. The narrator opens it up and her life changes forever. Sammy has penned down his adventures traveling the whole wide world - Iceland, China, Indonesia, Peru, Nigeria, Morocco, Mexico, Somalia, France, England and Greece. In all of his adventures, he seemed to have learned something valuable, exchanging ideas which bound him to people. He had experienced the good, the bad, the mysterious, the thoughtful, the trickster, the underworld and even came as near to death as possible - he had a life lived!

Although Sammy is a rich businessman, he embarks on this journey after losing his family and dear ones to relive a life he missed to live before. Readers will find this story very amusing and inspiring and will definitely take a part of Sammy with them when they finish reading. The layout of Sammy's diary containing all his adventures and PS notes at the back is a delight to note down while reading. This diary is such a relic that the narrator decided to publish it in a book and has an appeal to readers to keep an eye out for a bearded old man who seems to be the wisest person in town!

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