BR #28 | Love-Tennis | Jitender Kumar | Blue Rose Publishers | ★★★★

Book - Love-Tennis
Author - Jitender Kumar
Publisher - Blue Rose Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Jitender Kumar, also called ‘Musafir’ by his near and dear ones was born and brought up in Delhi, but his roots were back in Bihar. He completed his graduation in Political Science from Delhi University and has in-depth experience of being a personality developer and tennis coach. His immense experience in the field of retail made him a strong observer. Although, he loves to write contents like poems, ‘Love-Tennis’ is his first attempt at writing a fiction piece. He lives in Ahmedabad and looks forward to your valuable feedback for ‘Love-Tennis’.

Book Review: "Love-Tennis" by Jitender Kumar is a teenage love story revolving around the game of tennis. It is a story which can take place in the life of any teenage boy or girl, but the story leaves a lasting impression in its climax and conclusion. The writing style is simple and it is not difficult to go with the flow of this short read. Place description is smooth, accurate and leaves no room for questions or unnecessary acceptance. This is a believable story which some people can definitely relate to.

The protagonist of the story, Jatin, is from a lower middle-class family who has an immense passion for Tennis. He sacrifices a lot in his early school days to learn the basics of the game and get hold of a suitable coach. Hard work pays off and after a few years, he gets promoted to Assistant Coach and starts inspiring younger generations. It is around this time that he meets Priya, who share the same passion for tennis. But Jatin is from a poor middle-class family while Priya's family went to Europe on vacations. Despite differences in status, Priya still wishes to be beside Jatin and it is because of Priya that Jatin learns about Valentine's Day, gets to ride a sedan car, goes to MacDonnalds and restaurants he couldn't even dream of affording. In return Priya too learns to live the simple lifestyle from Jatin. However, Jatin wants to focus on the game because he cannot afford to lose his limited resources. Priya loves Jatin and Jatin loves tennis. Their friendship equation is something wonderful to read. Does Jatin accept Priya's love in the end? Do they finally become a couple? What role does tennis play in their lives?

We find answers to such questions and more in this fast read where little details like sports events in school days and the procedure of admission into college will bring back nostalgic memories to many readers. The sub-plots are found to be quite compelling and there are a few places of anxiety, tension and suspense in this story which makes it a good read overall.

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